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Counterfeit Money Detector 20080926

Digital imaging, scanners, photo-quality printers and computer copying programs make it easier than ever to counterfeit currency. Make sure the money you get is real with the Counterfeit Money Detector. The compact size makes it easy to unobtrusively check all of the most common denominations to verify that they're real. Plus, you can look at all sorts of identification to determine if it's been altered. Know who you are dealing with and what they are giving you with complete peace of mind. Counterfeit Money Detector is also a great learning tool for kids and parents alike. We hand out currency nearly every, but many don't know exactly what's in those bills to prevent them from being faked. Counterfeit Money Detector makes learning about money fun, as you reveal hidden strips and fibers woven into the bills you handle every day. New counterfeiting techniques that may even pass the old-fashioned "marker pen" test will be exposed for the fakes they are with the Counterfeit Currency Detector. Have fun, learn something new and above all save real money. Also exposes altered checks, driver's licenses, passports, visas, lottery tickets. Reveal a new world of paper currency.

Technical Specification:   CE approved Detecting:  banknotes, credit cards, checks, identity card, passports, permit   cards
Power supply:           110V or 210, 220, 230V (switchable)
Power consumption: 16W
Dimensions:             296 x 138 x 138 mm
N.Weight:                   1.1lb (0.5kg)
Outer packing:          12pcs/carton
Carton dimensions: 615 x 460 x 340mm
Container:                  3660units/20'container
G.W.of Carton:          13kg


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