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How To Detect Counterfeit Currency

There are a lot of counterfeit money in the market, you should be careful when you receive money from other people in shopping or in other places. The 100, 50, and 20 RMB banknotes are most commonly counterfeited.Here I’ll give you some advice in identify legitimate money:
·                             Look at the number printed in the lower left corner. It should "shimmer" and change color when you tilt the banknote back and forth. This is the best test - it is very difficult for counterfeiters to reproduce this.
·                             Hold the note up to the light. On the left side, you should see a watermark of Chairman Mao. Be careful, some counterfeit notes have a watermark.
·                             Below the watermark of Chairman Mao, there is half a circle and half a square. When holding the banknote up to the light, you should see a full square inside a full circle.
·                             There is a vertical strip going through the middle of the banknote. You should see "100 RMB" printed very small, again and again.
·                             The paper should feel natural, and not too stiff.
·                             Above the large number in the middle, there is a secret number that is only visible under ultraviolet light. You can buy an ultraviolet currency detector at Little Goods Street Market, or other places, for around ¥10. Counterfeiters have discovered how to make a fake ultraviolet mark. However, it is not clear. Make sure that the invisible number is crisp and sharp, otherwise return the bill.
For only the 100 RMB note: Rub Chairman Mao's ear. The raised printing should feel slightly bumpy. Rub Chairman Mao's face against a piece of paper. A little bit of red ink should smear onto the paper.